Video Production

We work primarily with general contractors, specialty contractors, home builders and travel companies. Our visually-stunning web design projects are uniquely crafted to meet your requirements. Our award-winning photography and aerial video capabilities will get your company noticed.

We work with clients to maximize the potential for their business. What sets us apart is our combination of design, marketing and photography expertise. We have built websites for over one hundred general and specialty contractors, large and small. We will work with you to develop a strategic plan for your project, and then create the business, technical and creative elements to make it happen.

Aerial Video

John Schnell. Springfield, IllinoisBear Glacier, Alaska

Aerial videography (or airborne imagery) is the taking of video from an aircraft or other flying object. Platforms for aerial videography include fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones), balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, pigeons, kites, parachutes, stand-alone telescoping and vehicle-mounted poles. Mounted cameras may be triggered remotely or automatically; hand-held photographs may also be taken by the drone operator.

Production Video

John Schnell. Springfield, IllinoisFord's Terror Wilderness, Alaska

Advancements in video technology have made video for small business more affordable. Popular applications of action (motion control) video include announcements, product videos, service videos, and several other types of promotional video. Three-dimensional visual imagery (video) is the timely union of digital media, motion video, stereo sound, panoramic timelapse imagery sets, immersive media constructs, audio, and other data.

Video can be used for project scope understanding, and project schedule tracking. The integration of digital video and automated image processing improves the cost-effectiveness of data collection and reduction. We use several different video platforms for video production.

Video Equipment

John Schnell. Springfield, Illinois

Here's a list of our video gear (August 2018).


  • Nikon D850. 45.7MP (8256 x 5504 resolution) 4K Video.
  • Nikon D810. 36.4MP (7360 x 4912 resolution) 1080P Video.

Camera Lenses

  • Zeiss 28mm ZF.1
  • Zeiss 85mm ZF.2


  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro. 20MP, 4K Video.
  • DJI Mavic Pro. 12MP, 4K Video.
  • DJI CrystalSky Monitor.


  • Aviator Travel Jib
  • Aviator Travel Slider
  • Syrp Genie
  • Syrp Genie Mini (2)
  • Syrp Genie Pan-Tilt Bracket
  • Syrp Magic Carpet Short Track
  • VidPro MH-360 Timelapse Pan Head (2)


  • GoPro Hero 4 Silver
  • GoPro Hero 3 Black
  • GoPro Hero 3 Black

Video Tripod

  • Arca-Swiss Monoball B1
  • Gitzo Mountaineer CF 3-Section
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